I’m white teeth obsessed if you haven’t guessed. With my oil pulling regime, recent posts have featured both Minty Coco and Ohshun White. Not content with that I’ve decided to give you the low down when it comes to teeth whitening. Trust me I’ve tried it all. Banned bleaches from the States. Hundreds spent on dental whitening but nothing has made my teeth as white as they are now and it’s due to the 5 essentials I no longer can live without.

Firstly I’m a massive advocate of a great toothpaste. I’ve never been a fan of Supermarket bought toothpaste which claims to lighten your teeth 5 shades in one use, they don’t work. They also contain high amounts of fluoride which is extremely detrimental to your body. It’s been linked to having adverse affects on thyroids, it’s a harmful chemical and can I let you into a secret? It’s not a vital part of your daily hygiene regime.

I’ve been using Reviive for about 6 months now and I genuinely mean it when I say. I cannot brush my teeth with anything else! The clean ingredients include coconut oil. I’ve already told you the benefits of coconut oil in oral hygiene but incase you missed it. Coconut oil removes plaque, tartare and bacteria from your mouth. It’s a preventative in gum disease and it also helps with reducing halitosis. It lifts stains and truly does give a whiter appearance.

Secondly I couldn’t live without coconut oil in general. I pull in the bath. It’s become almost a ritual and where my regime begins. 15 minutes before I know I’m going to get out I start oil pulling. It’s therapeutic, it signifies that I’ve finished eating for the evening and I’m beginning to wind down for the evening. I ensure that my teeth are part of my evening regime. If you want to learn a little more about oil pulling and how it’s beneficial in so many ways read my Minty Coco & Ohshun White posts.

My third essential is Billion Dollar Smile after I’ve oil pulled I use this non-toxic teeth whitener by squirting it into the trays placing them into my mouth and attaching the UV light. I’ve had kits similar to this in the past and they’ve always left me feeling like my teeth are going to fall out but not Billion Dollar Smile. After 10 minutes the light beeps and turns itself off, it’s then time for part three and my fourth teeth must have.

Restoriix. A mix of activated charcoal and zeolites this amazing multi use powder is not only an essential for anybody who knows anything about teeth whitening but it’s also great for adding to drinks and smoothies as a weight loss detox. It pulls the toxins and heavy metals from your system which in turn help fatty stores. I’ll let you into another secret, it’s AMAZING for hangovers and is Japan’s number 1 best seller for solely that reason. Oh and it’s an amazing facemark for helping draw your blackheads our and it gives you a gorgeous complexion. Back to teeth though. Wetting your toothbrush and adding a small amount to the brush you only need to brush for 5 minutes to notice a huge difference.

Next round is a quick brush with Reviive and then a 30 second rinse with CB12. The long lasting mouthwash. Although it’s not my most favourite part of the regime it gives a long lasting freshness before going to bed. CB12 comes in 2 strengths mild & strong. Although the mild is strong enough the strong is my personal favourite. It helps get in all the places that your toothbrush can’t reach.

Certainly more to think about than your £1 bargain toothpaste which claims to save the world….

Shop the essentials here:

Ohshun White
Billion Dollar Smile

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