Santorini will never go out of style for some very simple yet very loud reasons. It is a postcard island, brimming with photographic corners and emotive, photogenic frames almost everywhere you look, igniting the artistic expression in you. You will be allured by the narrow, cobblestone paths that intertwine into a whitewashed labyrinth of alleys, at the end of which you can never know what you’ll find; a dramatic precipice, an imposing blue dome church, a donkey ride tour or the occasional celebrity going incognito.

Santorini will never disappoint and although it has become almost stereotypical of Greek Tourism, it remains a stunningly beautiful place with a fascinating aura, offering a broad range of experiences, some more glamorous & sophisticated, some more active & adventurous and this is why people will return, again and again.
It is the Mediterranean mecca of romance, it can provide many quality moments for a family holiday and also has a hip, fun, party side that doesn’t affect the aforementioned. So how can people not fall in love with Santorini?

For many travellers, including celebrities, socialites, bloggers and digital influencers it is plain to see that they simply cannot get enough of this feeling of transcendence that permeates the viewer, while they gaze into the endless of the Aegean blue.

Personal style, fashion & travel blogger and avid globetrotter Leonie Hanne a.k.a ohhcouture @ Instagram (above & below) splish splashes in the infinity pool at the Astarte Suites, the ultimate romantic hideaway on the crescent side of Santorini (in Akrotiri). At Astarte Suites couples can get away from the touristic hubs of Fira and Oia, enjoy a different vantage point of the infamous Caldera and feel safely wrapped up in privacy and natural beauty.

Also staying in Akrotiri’s Astarte Suites, the Lifestyle and travel blogger, Madeleine a.k.a. pilotmadeleine @ Instagram (below) travelled with her bestie, social influencer and luxury nomad Ekaterina Goroshko a.k.a. Travellersplanet @ Instagram and indluged in Sanotrini moments that included sensational breakfast times by the pool and its phenomenal views.

Actress and model, Emily Ratajkowski, also could not resist a stop over in Santorini before holidaying in Mykonos later on, staying at the increasingly popular Akrotiri side of the island and enjoying some carefree moments on the serene terraces just before dusk…

In the heart of Fira, Santorini’s capital town, is where it’s all happening. Italian travel guru, Carlicas Huerta arrived at Kalisti Hotel and Suites with her ‘hand luggage’ a.k.a. La maleta de mano, and captured frames (below) inspired by some hidden, picturesque spots that are spread all around Fira town!

She also paid a visit to the infamous Red beach during her September visit, reconfirming that Santorini is ideal for a fall/autumn shoulder season getaway.

Visit Santorini and experience a travel experience soaked in emotion brought about by visuals of sheer beauty, and by a fulfilling, tailored stay according to your specifications. Isn’t that what the ultimate travel experience is all about?

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