On Thursday 10th November it was the annual Carnaby Christmas Celebration and when in Rome..

As I was already in London having been to a couple of events this week I decided that I really must head to Carnaby Street to enjoy the beginning of the festivities. As we headed from the Lypsyl event in Pimlico we had decided to walk, I don’t mind getting the tube at all, however, I love the sights of London and with it being only a mile and a half or so walking distance decided to sashay our way to the 60’s themed evening ahead.

Arriving to the bustle of people moving all around the lanes adjoining to Carnaby Street, the tech team setting up the ‘Magic Bus’ for the evening ahead it was strangely enchanting and momentarily we felt transported back to the swinging 60s, an era in which I can only dream I was part of.

Having arrived early and the switch on not being until 6pm we decided to have a look around the stores that Carnaby had to offer and after our Urban Decay Newcastle event last week coincided with the launch of the flagship store right on Carnaby Street I knew I had to check out what all the fuss was about. As Urban Decay is one of my favourite makeup brands the bold purple lights from the store front lured me closer, as I entered I was like a child in a sweet shop. With every single item on offer, I couldn’t help but lust over the Brush Vault, a 22 piece pro brush set.

As we checked out the map and became familiar with our surroundings, typically these Geordie girls honed in on where the complimentary drinks were. Heading straight to Ganton Street to the Beetle Juice camper van for the first of our complimentary cocktails we waited in the queue to be served as the crowd poured through. To say this wasn’t my most favourite cocktail would be my honest opinion, I have a nemesis in the form of tonic water and this rosewater flavoured cocktail contained just that. As we stood in a doorway to avoid the rip-roaring wind we watched as the acts for the evening arrived in their decorated 60s attire.

Heading back down to Carnaby we visited Jack Wills, Adidas, Skinny Dip and a whole host of other global brand name stores.  Having read that Paul Smith was displaying classic Vinyl of the King of the 60s and the forefront of the music industry, David Bowie I was desperate to see the display to report back to his number one fan, my Mum. Upon arrival at the Paul Smith store we couldn’t catch a glimpse of the art, but somehow a Bulldog Gin cocktail landed in our hands as we listened to the singer with his guitar in the window belting out some 60s classics.

Drinking up we returned once more to Carnaby where the time was edging closer to 6pm. Getting ourselves into a prime spot to watch Patrick Topping provide the music. A local lad, who we used to go to school with, who is taking the electro house world by storm. It hit six and Mariah began to fill the street’s with ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ before the beat dropped to some heavy electro and the sky was filled with confetti. The lights overhead illuminated in this synchronised moment that thousands of people had been waiting for. We felt incredibly festive and as the night was only beginning parades of people in 60s regalia started dancing in the streets. From stilt walking disco chicks to Marilyn Monroe, it was an evening of flairs, big hair and mini skirts. Rather them than me, though, it was FREEZING.

We headed to Benefit where we were treated to a Benefit Bellini as we browsed the whole of the collection on offer. The stores were all rammed, offering 20% off everything too it was not to be missed for those getting into the holiday spirit and beginning (or perhaps completing) their Christmas shopping.

As we weaved our way down the street further we were covered by yet more falling confetti from the sky. It literally looked like heavy snow. Amazing. It really was a spectre. We headed into True Religion for another cocktail and as we stood sipping at the window looking at the crowds, the falling confetti and taking in the music we realised that this has to become an annual tradition.

It began to start raining and it was getting a little late, all of the stores were beginning to close and the music was drawing to a close, so we decided to head back. Stumbling past the new Estee Lauder store which opens today we were stopped by a trio of what we can only describe as male models offering us a hot chocolate, with a sparkling silver holder, it was Estee Lauder of course. With our pom pom hats, scarves and gloves making us look more Southern than our tough weather-braving Northern roots we must have looked as if we needed a winter warmer. We sipped on our delicious hot chocolates as we strolled home.

The Carnaby Christmas Revolution was an amazing night and an essential for next year if you’re in and around London. They really put on an amazing show. The music, the lights, the entertainment and the little additional extras really made it a night to remember. Another reason why I love London.


  1. Ah so wish I could’ve attended the Urban Decay Carnaby St launch party! Love the party atmosphere on Carnaby St too, though think I preferred last year’s display. Great to see it in action, thanks for sharing! My mum loves Bowie too, we’re going to see Lazurus at the theatre. Your mum might like it too xx


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