Getting a good workout routine, as well as sorting out your diet is essential to a fit and healthy life. But unless you are Superman, having the motivation to exercise regularly can be tough. If you are struggling to get a workout schedule together, it could be one or a combination of the factors below that are sabotaging your progress.


One of the keys to getting an exercise routine that works is being organized. This means planning the time for regular workouts into your week and sticking to them.

To do this sit can help to get prepared before your workout day come round. Have your gym bag packed with a towel, fresh water deodorant and shower gel. Make sure you have done other jobs like grocery shopping beforehand, so you aren’t tempted to skip your workout and do those instead.

Energy Levels

Another exercise killer is having a lack of energy. This can be because you have worked too hard in a previous workout, you haven’t got enough sleep, or you are stress from work.

Most people do discover that their energy levels go up after they have worked out. But it can be hard for them to find the power to start exercising in the first place. But there are something that you can do to help.

Firstly you can change the time of your workout. If you are just too tired after a day at work, then what about going in the morning before work, or using your lunch break to exercise in?

If you are struggling to complete a full workout because you feel tired halfway through it may be that your body needs an energy boost. You can get this from protein shakes or bars and even take something like this tea for energy to help you get the best out of session.


Injuries are probably one of the biggest issues that stop people regularly exercising. Especially if you have a recurrent problem.

It can put you into a state where you don’t know what to do for the best. You don’t want to further compound your injury or endanger your recovery, as this could cause you long-term problems. But you recognize that exercising makes you feel better and it good for your overall health.

If you find yourself in this situation, how about changing the type of exercise that you do, so it avoids or supports the affected area. For example, some people choose to swap from running to swimming if they have joint problems. This is because the water supports their body and puts less stress of on the joints.

Others with mobility problems can do chair exercises. Or, use a hand cycle to get their heart rate going without running the risk of further damage to the legs and knees. Yoga and Pilates under the direction of a doctor can also help to rehabilitate people from injuries. There is always a way round the problem, sometimes it just takes a bit of ‘out of the box’ thinking to get there.




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