I started by asking my eight-year-old cousin what was on his list for Christmas and was absolutely bombarded with practically the entire Argos catalogue. Asking him to narrow this down and choose his top five was virtually impossible, but here goes:

Christmas Gift Guide: What's on My Family's Christmas List 1

As usual top of his list is Anything Nerf, what a boy! He has always loved weapons of any description and living next to the pinewoods he can sniper until his heart’s content with his pals, but really how many more versions of the same thing can one boy have?

Unrealistic, but next on his list was the largest inflatable outdoor pool.

More realistic was the request for virtual reality goggles and while these look like being this season’s top seller I didn’t have the heart to tell him he needed a mobile phone to accompany them!

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Number 4 on the list was an electric Razor Scooter, no doubt Grandma and Granda Santa Claus will come good on this request.

Finally something affordable and realistic, a longboard skateboard, at £17.99, put my name down for buying that present.

Over to Liv my fourteen-year-old cousin. Unlike myself, she has never been a slave to fashion until this year when she is dreaming of the impossible.

Top of the list is an Apple Watch, closely followed by either a Moncler or Canada Goose jacket, Jimmy Jamms pj’s which I have discovered are only available from the USA, strangely she also added VR goggles to her list and unlike her brother does have an iPhone. Although she now lives in Merseyside she also added a Brighton football shirt to the list in homage to her birthplace. What happened to teenage girls asking for clothes, makeup, perfume and bath bombs?

Christmas Gift Guide: What's on My Family's Christmas List 2

Over to my mum, other than her request for a new iPad Pro (dream on) her list is usually the same each year; it always contains Guerlain insolence perfume, PJ bottoms preferably checks, new boots as she always loves a red or a purple or an animal print when it comes to footwear and finally a nice hot pink lipstick.

My uncle is always a tricky one and no matter what he is opening he always gives it a rattle first and proclaims ‘is it a dartboard’ needless to say we always try to find some novelty dartboard related item. He loves anything and everything Fat Face, has a penchant for Dark Rum and only wears Cool Water aftershave, his hobby is diving so any dive related gift is always a good idea, but being a typical uncle he never really gets enthusiastic about anything.

My aunt, when asked, reeled off her gift list quite readily; she is a prolific reader so always enjoys the best sellers, the thicker the book the better. Lush bath bombs are her idea of heaven and she is often caught using the kid’s bath bombs rather than use her own preferring to keep hers hidden as long as possible. She likes Molly jeans from River Island and loves a fur jacket of any description. She’s also asked for Jo Malone perfume in Lime & Basil. Finally on her list, anything small and expensive, preferably in diamonds! I hope my uncle is paying attention.

Christmas Gift Guide: What's on My Family's Christmas List 3

Grandma loves all things black, is thrilled at all her gifts and always tries everything on immediately and always always waits until Boxing Day to ask for receipts! It is tradition that she receives a Marks & Spencer’s diary, she wears Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume and enjoys any beauty products especially Prevage. Last Christmas she returned her Mulberry handbag as she felt it was too extravagant a gift from my Granda, this year it’s a Ralph Lauren handbag so we will just have to wait and see how well that goes down.

Granda loves music and books, always smells terrific with his choice in Chanel aftershave and takes longer than anyone in the family to get ready, but I assure you it is always worth the wait. Granda likes a smart shirt and Thomas Pink is right up his street for something more casual he likes a Tommy Hilfiger. He loves Gin and his favourite is The One from the Lakes Distillery just a few miles along the road from where he lives in Penrith, how very convenient!

And finally for me, what’s on my list this year? Well, you will just have to wait until 25th December to see.



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