Previously I’ve mentioned about the trial that my Mum had been undergoing for 6 months taking MOA – it’s been one of our most viewed content since I launched the post in February so we thought we’d give you a little update for those following her journey. For a change, usually she’s chief in charge of proof reading here at Elle Blonde but today, she’s taking the stage. For her debut performance. I give you…my MOA’s review on the Mother of All.

I have for a couple of years now suffered from arthritis in my knees. Repeated trips to the doctors, multiple combinations of painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs & creams later and no real improvement.

If you suffer with osteoarthritis or any other pain then we've tested out MOA and Future You tumeric supplements to see if they can help relieve pain. | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

My daughter introduced me to Moa and skeptical as ever but willing to give anything a go to alleviate some of the pain, I am now several months down the road. After only a few days drinking a couple of ‘shot’ size glasses daily I did notice a slight difference in my mobility.

Moa Convert

I have continued drinking Moa regularly. And I am now convinced it has made a real and fairly significant difference to my mobility. Perhaps not a Lazarus effect. But certainly a convincing change that the multiple painkillers and anti-inflammatories had not previously made.

The Olympics have been and gone and during this time I saw several articles written about athletes and the healing properties of turmeric on joints. Somewhat disillusioned and fairly miserable by the consumption of multiple prescription drugs. I made a punt on purchasing some turmeric tablets from a newspaper advertisement for Future You.

Mobility issues

While the size of them doesn’t make them the easiest to swallow. The impact they have had on my life has been immeasurable. Coupled with my daily dose of Moa the turmeric tablets from Future You have now replaced my prescription medication. My mobility has dramatically improved. While I will always have arthritis and know it is degenerative. My pain and stiffness in my legs have certainly lessened and become more manageable.


Turmeric is readily available in several high street shops in multiple strengths and while I have supplemented and interspersed these, they have not had the same impact as those by Future You. In this particular case, I feel that the old adage applies as I certainly have got what I paid for. The better product does make a significant difference.

I cannot express highly enough the difference that combining my daily shots of MOA and adding a daily dose of turmeric has had to reducing the pain, increasing my mobility and improving the quality of my life.

Added to that the recent publicity regarding the links between some anti-inflammatories and heart disease has given me further reassurance that eliminating prescriptive medications and replacing them with more natural remedies is definitely the way to put my best foot forward.

Want to catch up with what happened at the beginning of her MOA journey? Check it out here or if you want to get yourself some of this life changing liquid supplement you can buy now



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