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This morning I woke up with a heavy heart, it’s Great North Run day and this year I’m not taking part. Not that I haven’t wanted to, but more because I haven’t trained sufficiently. After completing my first GNR in 2014, two stone heavier than I am now, full of depression and having only run 17 miles over my whole training, the furthest distance only being a five mile run, I have vowed the next time I run the greatest half marathon in the world that I would be in optimum fitness and would be able to comfortably run 13.1 miles under 2 hours (ideally in 1:45).

Back to my morning, I woke up, sighed and was a little saddened that I wasn’t on the central motorway getting ready to run across the Tyne Bridge, and then my phone vibrated. My phone was full of Geordie Emojis. My mood instantly improved as I smiled as the Tyne Bridge flashed up, followed by The Angel of The North.

Source: Geordiemoji Source: Geordiemoji

The app launched today contains 100 ‘Geordieland’ themed emojis. From iconic landmarks to local food, magpies, and even the unofficial NUFC mascot, a gentleman with NUFC tattooed across his stomach (who’s become somewhat of a local celebrity).

Available in both the App Store and on Android the emojis have been designed by local artist Dave Richardson.

Looking through them they have totally made my morning, given me great laughs and I just want to send metro tickets and pease pudding with every message I send.

Source: Geordiemoji Source: Geordiemoji

With a strong passion for our gorgeous city and a massive pride of where I’ve grown up often non-locals try and mimic my accent. A word of warning if you’re not from Newcastle never ever attempt a Geordie accent around me, you sound like a dairy cow getting milked. It’s embarrassing for both parties here (and I think I’ve only ever said Whey Aye Man and Byker Grove when prompted – they’re not in my daily vocabulary!). However, non-locals if you wish to be from the hallowed turf of Geordieland this new app also allows you to ‘Geordie yourself’ which is hilarious!

Source: Geordiemoji Source: Geordiemoji

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