As teens, we are all prone to problems caused by our wayward hormones. Hormones can play a huge part in our lives. But they are most prominent during our teen years because they are changing our bodies so much. For girls, this battle with hormone balance can carry on until we’re seventeen or eighteen. Of course, as teens, there are so many other things that we might gripe about. Here are just a few of the ones we hate the most:

Typical Teen Gripes We All Hate 1


During our teen years, teeth alignment issues can be improved. Often, braces and other unpleasant looking contraptions are used. Some of them can cause sores in the mouth too. Wisdom teeth can erupt and become infected, meaning we have to have them removed under a general anesthetic. And even if we don’t have to go through these painful dental treatments, we may still suffer from stained and yellowed teeth. If you read this article, you’ll see how common a problem discoloured teeth can be. Whitening treatments are available, but it may be best to choose a peroxide-free one.


Hormones will cause plenty of bad hair days each month. But it’s actually excess styling and bad weather that can be the biggest problems. During the teen years, it’s important to take extra care of our hair. It is at its most plentiful, but also it’s most vulnerable. Treat it to oils and conditioners that keep it in the best possible condition. After all, many teens will try a different style every season. And wearing the hair up can contribute to damage.


Blemishes, pimples, spots, and acne are every teenager’s worst enemy. Teens are supposed to be fresh-faced and at their most beautiful during these years. But instead, we can be fighting endless battles trying to keep our skin problems under control. A lot of it is caused by hormones. However, much of it can be minimised by making minor tweaks to your diet, water intake, and skin care routines. Keep pores clean with cleansers twice a day, and try to add some Omega 3, probiotics, and vitamins A and E to your diet.


Did you know that the teenage years could be considered the most stressful years of your life? Your parents may argue with this, but we teens are under more pressure than adults. We have so many exams to take, long hours of study, and social and work commitments to consider. There is barely any time left to sleep, and teens need a lot of sleep! Stress can wreak havoc with those wayward hormones, but also cause many of the problems listed above. Finding time to relax and unwind is really important. You might even try some meditation.

Teens do have it tough, but most of us are pretty good at shrugging it off. Still, it can be pretty therapeutic to have a gripe about it sometimes! Whether you’re having a bad hair day, or a pimple that just won’t quit, you’ve still got to get on and get through the day. What are your worst bits about being a teen?


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