If you’ve been asked on a first date, you’re probably feeling a mixture of emotions. You’ll be excited to know more about your date and see if there might be a future between you. But you’ll also be nervous about making a good impression, especially if you’re going on a blind date. While some nerves are expected, being too nervous can ruin your first date. You can become shy or unsure what to talk about. They can also make you feel self-conscious about your appearance and worried about what they are thinking. Instead of letting your nerves get the better of you, use these tips to increase the chances of first date success.

Make yourself look gorgeous

If you know that you look amazing, it can send your confidence sky high and reduce your nervousness. So do some beauty planning and preparation in the week or days leading up to your date. Try on a few potential outfits, keeping the activity planned in mind. Make sure it fits well and that you iron or dry clean it beforehand. Treat yourself to some new makeup, accessories and perfume too. Visit a nearby beauty salon to have a facial, haircut or to have your brows shaped. If you have time, you could also visit celebrity dentist Dr. Michael Tam for teeth whitening or veneers. Whatever it takes to make yourself look and feel amazing, do it.

Listen to music

Music has the ability to change your mood almost instantly by filling you with motivation. So instead of getting ready in silence, put on your favourite track. This will take your mind off how nervous you feel and help you feel more at ease. Try to avoid sad ballads and instead, opt for upbeat party tunes. Spend some time dancing around your bedroom and enjoy the getting ready process. As you make your way to your date, play this song in the car or on your phone through headphones. This can help prolong this laid back feeling and put you in a fantastic mood before your date begins. Why not ask your date what their favourite song is as a great conversation starter.

Be positive

Many people get nervous about a date because they think it will be an awkward experience. Starting a first date with this mindset can make this preconception come true. Stop convincing yourself that it is going to be a disaster and try to think more positively. Think about the good things that can come from this date and focus on that. Start the date with an open mind and have some conversation ideas pre-prepared to help you relax. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least you’ve got a good story and an incredible meal out of it.

So don’t let your nerves get in the way of you having an excellent first date. The more relaxed and confident you feel, the more likely your personality will shine through. With these tips to help you, your date is bound to be bedazzled by you.




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