Today is an exciting day. Why? Well, today is the day we launch the Blogger Babe Academy here at Elle Blonde.

It’s been a fruit of our labour and many hours, tears and princess tantrums to get this part of our site to a perfect academy to learn at your own pace.

Daily we have emails and messages from those who are eager to get into blogging asking us how to start, what you need to do. Where’s best to blog, how you get found etc.

With our new exclusive academy launching NOW we’ve got PDFs and videos showing you the very best way to start up in blogging, the easiest and best ways to make your posts a success, be a valuable use of your time and to bring in some revenue.

It’s not easy and you’ll have to be committed, in the beginning, you may feel like nobody is reading, you’re lost in cyberspace and it’s a waste of time, I’ve been there I get it. Remember everybody has to begin somewhere but don’t give up. If you need a pep talk I’m here, email or message me on Twitter. Keep going because of the rewards. They are absolutely phenomenal.

We’re going to be updating content in the exclusive part of our site weekly for you to help you grow and turn blogging into a lifestyle. The blogging industry is so lucrative and we’re going to show you how to run your blog as a business too.

We’ve had hours of training, thousands of pounds worth of coaching into the best practices and now it’s time that we pass our knowledge on to you.

Access to the academy is priced at a low one-off payment of £4.99. This will guarantee you lifetime access to all the materials within the academy. Of course, this is a one off limited time offer and there will be a price increase in the access price very soon. So you don’t want to miss out at all on the Blogger Babe Academy.

Get your access NOW here for only £4.99 for a lifetime’s worth of blogging content.

WE ARE LIVE - The Blogger Babe Academy Launches Today 1

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