Back in December, I posted about my weight loss journey. My head wasn’t in the right place and I didn’t do as well as I had hoped. I’ve yo-yo’ed for months and now I feel that I’m ready to undertake this mammoth task to drop 42lbs before the year is out.

That’s only like just under 9lbs a month. I’ve got this.

I’ve teamed up with Aaron Paul Fitness for his brand new programme The Shred Bible to shift some weight. To keep me on track I’m going to be posting weekly updates and I’m hoping YOU can motivate me by popping a comment in the section below – with your top weight loss tips or maybe some advice? I’d love to hear from you!


Day One. So it begins. My alarm failed to go off. I hadn’t done that on purpose! I swear! The birds were going crazy outside as I dragged myself out of bed, threw on my gym wear and headed down to the seafront. As I slowly clambered out of the car a small sea of zombie-like fit camp goers were dragging themselves to the start line.

Fit not fat

Fit Camp runs 6:30-7:15 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and for the next 4 weeks I’ll be there come rain or shine.

The session started off with running from the base to the seafront running with the battle ropes as a team, we then did a circuit of the hill down to the beach and up the stairs. After warming up we then got into pairs. I partnered with a girl who I used to go to school with. It was nice to see a friendly familiar face.

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The Best Way To Losing Weight - Part 1 1

Circuits began and who got stuck doing burpees first. I guess I got the worst out of the way first? The circuit included squats, sit-ups, battle ropes, medicine ball slams, mountain climbers and more equally as disgusting exercises.

Round the circuit, we went as the sweat dripped off me – followed by team Indian runs which weren’t pretty as the seafront slowly got busier with dog walkers. We finished our session by cooling down.

Checking my Fitbit I had burnt over 600 calories in that 45minutes, which impressed me! I headed home thinking about the next session and how excited I was for it.

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I fuelled my body with pure protein in the form of a tin of tuna as I stepped through the door. A strange choice I know but one of my favourite breakfasts funnily enough!

As I headed up to get showered I took all my vital details and recorded them to keep track of my progress, which I’ll update my week of fitness next week and let you know how I’ve gotten on.



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