I’ve got into a habit of writing a ‘Workout Wednesday’ post. Well I’ve posted two. It’s one more than one and if it happens more than once, well then I guess it’s tradition ey?

So here it is this weeks post. I’ve previously told you how I’ve always struggled with my weight it’s yo-yo’ed up and down from a size 16/18 to a size 8 and now sitting at a size 12.

Whatever your size, remember you are beautiful and the number on the scales is not a reflection of your worth. I mean I know personal trainers who feast on nothing but pizza and sweets while the girl who’s desperate to shift a stone or two is sat eating salad and counting calories.


For me losing weight isn’t about societies perception. I honestly couldn’t care about how much Kylie Jenner weighs or why we should all follow in her footsteps to look like her. Nine times out of ten the photos in the media are heavily airbrushed and celebrities have had nip and tucks all over the shop with a click of a mouse.

For me, it’s about the health benefits that follow. Admittedly it’s always great to throw on the first dress you pick out from your wardrobe and feel great in it. Feeling great about yourself is the biggest confidence booster in itself. Please please don’t take this as me saying you must loose weight to feel great but for me, I know that I have to.

Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat

You see when I eat clean and train everything about me improves. My mindset, my energy, my attitude and I also see immediate health benefits.

I’m a massive believer of your diet playing a massive part in your health, if you can master that, then you can introduce exercise into your regime and you know what? You’re onto a winner!

Today is the day I start my quest to fit into these jeans. A pair of jeans I bought and they’re still hanging with the tag on them. Will it be easy? No! Will it be worth it? Absolutely.

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So what’s this got to do with Workout Wednesday? Well here’s the thing. I’m hoping you’ll join me on my fitness quest. I’ve got events and launches to go to throughout the year and I want to look amazing so I’ve teamed up with Aaron Paul a personal trainer and we’re bringing you a dedicated and personal FREE support group full of nutritional advice and exercise tips over on Facebook.


We’ve already got a tribe growing and we want you to join in so if you need a health nudge or some friendly support then head over to our group now where we will welcome you onto our journey and you can follow us and hopefully join us.

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