You know when you just need an afternoon away from everything. An escape. Serenity for the day with no interference? Well, yesterday I did just that.

I took myself off for a well-deserved afternoon at Mineral House Spa. Which is located within the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Newcastle, and let me tell you, it’s absolutely out of this world. A real hidden gem.

As I arrived at the spa desk I was greeted by a host of very friendly staff including the spa manager. They presented me with a fluffy white robe and some cute spa slippers. You know the kind you always want to take home with you, but never do!

A mocktail was placed in my hand as I took a seat. Very fitting saying as I’m on a detox and health kick.  I sampled an elderflower and ginger number with a blackberry garnish. As I filled in a member form in regards to allergies and my fitness levels. I was treated to some gorgeous canapés. Cod and cheese rarebit style crisp bread was accompanied by a mushroom pate with shitake mushrooms on rye. Which were both served perfectly on a rectangular piece of slate. It was very in keeping with the feel of Mineral House.

There was also hummus, celery sticks, cucumber, pitta, pickles and crisps to pick at. As I finished off my light nibbles and sipped my mocktail I began to natter to some other local influencers. They were also attending the press event held in the brand new Spa. Which apparently only opened in September of last year.

We chatted about blogging programmes and inspirational bloggers. How family members just don’t get blogging…. you know the ones I mean? We also chatted about people’s experiences of other events and how long they had been involved in blogging and the types of blogs they ran. It was extremely interesting listening and sharing with others who are in the industry.

Time was flying and after half an hour I headed off to the gym and although a little smaller than anticipated it was, however, full of fabulous equipment. From medicine balls to leg presses and everything a gym fanatic requires for a light session. I began with a 1000m row and then a quick 5k on the static bike followed by weighted squats and finally medicine ball sit-ups. Probably as I was more excited for a relax poolside and a steam than burning off my tin of tuna I had eaten for breakfast I didn’t do as much as I’d usually do in the gym.

Gym, swim, sauna

I came out of the gym and headed to the changing rooms, again quaint but with everything you’d require. Including showers and hair dryers. The place is furnished impeccably and the Eames style chairs in front of the mirror are a gorgeous touch on what can be quite clinical looking.

I threw on my two-piece and headed out to the pool. The lighting and atmosphere were simply perfect, and I was already relaxing after my gym session. As I headed straight for the steam room I sat down and took in the heat. Undoubtedly this was the warmest steam room I’ve ever been in. I basked in the steam as I could feel my pores opening and the bottle of wine from the night before evaporating from my skin.

I lasted only 5 minutes before the heat became too much for me to handle. So I hopped in the Jacuzzi with the gorgeous Nelly from Nelly’s Cupcakes, Rachel from Life in Geordieland and Chloe from Chloehxx where we all began to natter before Katie from LMN arrived and joined in the fun.


Mineral House Massage

As we talked about all things blogging the time began to fly the clock soon turned 14:00 and the gorgeous Roberta came to collect me for my back massage. I was admittedly; a little apprehensive as I suffer from a bad back constantly and have had massages in the past. Which has done more damage than good, however, I had a feeling this time would be different.

Roberta was lovely she was energetic and excitable and you could tell she really enjoyed her job. As she was passionate about ensuring everybody around her was happy and enjoying themselves.


I sat down in the treatment room and Roberta gave me a choice of two oils to select from, the first was a lavender and something else infusion. I had stopped listening after she said lavender as it’s my all-time favourite smell and I was instantly sold. The other scent was a mandarin and lemon infusion. This one was an energy boost. Something I definitely don’t require!

I got ready and hopped onto the bed, relaxing as she first used a pinder technique with warmly scented bags which was totally relaxing before she used the warm oils I had selected and gave me a deep massage.

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Highly recommended

Roberta was amazing and a real credit to the Mineral House team. The back massage was sensational and not only did I feel relaxed I was free of back pain as she did some crazy masseuse thing and I felt as if she had realigned my spine when I stood up.

I’ve had many a massage and I thoroughly recommend the Mineral House if you’re looking for a relaxing and effective treatment.


After my massage, Roberta sat me back in a seat and brought me a large glass of water. I headed back to the changing room to get changed out of my robe and head home back to reality.

Upon leaving I was presented with a goody bag. Which was full of full-sized gifts from Orly, polishes to Germaine de Capuccini bath oil which smells utterly divine. Mineral House vouchers and some gorgeous fake tan that I cannot wait to use.

This spa although small and quaint is one of my favourite finds in Newcastle. The ambience is so chilled and every aspect of the spa has been thought out thoroughly. As I returned home there was a few remarks made in regards to how relaxed and rejuvenated I did look.

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