I don’t know if you’re anything like me but my mobile phone is more like a landline the amount of time it spends on charge.

I’m an avid texter, Facebooker and I’m always reading ebooks and blogs so the battery by lunchtime is less than 50%.  Tired of everybody complaining to me about how they struggle to contact me due to dead battery syndrome I decided enough was enough.

I had seen rechargeable phone cases before in gorgeous pinks and sparkle.  Usually what takes my fancy, however, I knew if I was to be purchasing for the efficiency of a battery I would have to do my research.

Online ordering

Amazon was top of my list and after looking through the offerings I decided upon the Alpatronix. Ordering it on Sunday it arrived on Wednesday and I was thrilled. With mixed reviews of the product, which I read after ordering I was a little bit hesitant. My experience of the case has been nothing but positive.


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Immediately upon opening, I signed up for my year’s free warranty and then slid my phone into the case. Clipping the top on I plugged it in to charge. Fast charging I was instantly impressed. Although a little bulky I’ve grown in the last week to become used to the size of the case.

Alpatronix Issues

Many reviewers have stated that they were unable to remove the phone from the case. However, I’ve found a simple trick by sliding the phone up with one hand and the case down with the other it’s easily removable. Another complaint was the headphone jack, as a frequent gym goer, I instantly found a solution. Instead of the headphone extension hanging out of your phone, simply attach it to the end of the headphones instead!

The curse of the iPhone 6 & how to avoid dead battery! 1

Having used this case for a week. Over the weekend whilst out and about I’ve not suffered dead battery once. Consequently, I really don’t know how I coped without the sleek, sophisticated but extremely practical case for this long.

A total essential purchase for those on the go, travellers, people who are out and about or those who work from their phone. With an exceptional saving too from £79.95 reduced to £29.95 you’d be mad not to instantly purchase one!

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