6 things you must do to make more money from your blog.

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Everybody wants to make more money from their blog right? More and more of us are wanting to escape the rat race, give up the 9-5 and live the laptop lifestyle? There are six simple steps (try saying that with a lisp like mine!) to follow that can help you make more money right away. Stick […]

August Glossybox: Girls Just Wanna Have Sun


Oh em Glossy! You know with every month I just get more and more excited by the delivery of that black and white packaging that seals the beautifully presented August Glossybox. Realising I receive it before the masses as a Press Box also gets me even more excited as I can offer the first sneak […]

The Crab & Waltzer Whitley Bay, more like the Crap & Waltz-outta-here


So this review of the Crab & Waltzer is just a short one as I had high expectations and was sorely disappointed. I know when I give a negative review it can be quite contentious and consequently evokes a bit of a backlash of responses. I do like to be honest and to maintain my […]

5 tips to Buying a Car like a Pro

Car Range Rover - Buying Prestige Cars

It’s coming to that time where I’m getting on the hunt for a new car. With Instagram full of supercars and everybody giving me all this information about this car is great and this one is not so great. The new legislation that by 2040 all cars need to be electric or hybrid. My head […]

Tips For Weight Loss Without Leaving Your Home

Weight Loss Tip for in the Home Guest Post Elle Blonde

Today brings us a fitness guest post from Katrina Rice who is a Mum and a freelance writer. She strongly believes in the concept of holistic wellness through healthy and natural living, travelling and immersing one’s self in new activities. A self-proclaimed health enthusiast, she hopes to inspire more people to do the same. Let’s find […]

The Body Shop, not as you know it | World Spa Green Coffee Bean

The Body Shop Spa of the World Firming and Toning Range Elle Blonde

The Body Shop is one of those brand’s you know that a distant family member buys you one of ‘those sets’ for Christmas that you never use, usually it contains a net scrubbing bag…well so I thought. Not anymore. Over the last few years, the body shop has had a total overhaul and has totally […]

5 Things Bloggers Do That Put Brands Off!

5 Things Bloggers Do That Put Brands Off! 1

Ahhhhhh mate. They’re the two words I usually mutter to myself when sifting through applications at ELLEfluence for those applying for brands opportunities. Why? Simple it’s the attention to detail. What is the one cardinal rule of social media? Always be accessible. Think about it, if a PR discovers you they want to be able […]

Lush Carlisle: New Product Launch


I often joke I’m a Princess, yet last night I kind of was. I headed to Lush Carlisle for the exclusive preview of their brand new ranges which launch today. Having headed over to my Grandparents’ house earlier in the day (they live in Penrith – more on that over the next few weeks) I […]

How to Enhance Your Backyard with a Brand New Pergola

Beautiful Garden with a Pergola

Pergola covers are a terrific addition to any garden or outdoor living area. The pergola is an independent outdoor structure that creates shade using joists and rafters. It can be built from scratch or purchased from stores such as Roses Garden Centre and places anywhere in the yard and does not have to rely on […]

SoHe Jesmond is so the place to be.


The thought of afternoon tea as a gentrified and traditional affair has just been switched up a notch. The stalwart of British society has been given an oriental make-over. Jesmond’s swanky Pan Asian; SoHe (Southern Hemisphere) have recently launched their fabulous afternoon high tea with quite an exotic twist. Situated on vibrant Osborne Road this […]