Bidvine: Why you’ll never look anywhere else for a business to help you again

Life is complicated enough without having a million and one different people to sift through online. When you’re looking for somebody to outsource a job, whether it is a cleaner, a family portrait or wedding photographer. A web designer or even a stonemason. I mean will they even fit in with your budget. Get back to you in a timely manner or do they even do the work that you actually want to be carried out, to begin with? Enter Bidvine.

Bidvine is a one-stop-shop and an all-round service for matching tradespeople to customers. With a seamless website and also available as a free downloadable mobile app. The process is simple. You select what you’re looking for and you enter your postcode.

There are thousands of services listed on the site. You are then asked a series of questions. So for a house cleaner, they ask if you have animals. If you provide or the cleaner provides the cleaning products, it asks questions about the house size. And how regularly you’ll want to use the service.

Once you’ve submitted this short series of questions the site whirrs round. Works it’s magic and then sends requests to those listed who match your request including your budget.

Bidvine: Why you'll never look anywhere else for a business to help you again 1

Bidding for Bidvine

These companies then bid for the contract or work. You choose the service from the businesses who are interested in your job. Think of it pretty much like a dating site but instead of matching for relationships, they’re matching you for suitability for jobs.

The service for the end-user is completely free. However, it charges the companies who are looking to take up the work a small fee for their bid. This service is so smart and saves so much time.

Usually, businesses will get back to you pretty quickly and Bidvine states that you’ll find the right business for the job within 4 days. They’re all pre-approved by Bidvine too. So you know you’re never going to have to worry about the standard of the company.

Check out Bidvine today and see what you can outsource

Bidvine: Why you'll never look anywhere else for a business to help you again 2

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