Planning A Hen Party? Nail Your Theme With These Three Great Ideas


Planning any kind of social event can be a little daunting. Often, a lot of organising is involved, which can all but take over your life. Then you have the added pressure of expectation from friends, family and even yourself, in order to pull it off. The event in question can vary, but one big night out that you may find yourself organising at some point in your life is a hen party.

Often regarded as a girl’s ‘last night of freedom’, a hen party is traditionally organised by the bride’s maid of honour. So, with that in mind, you will probably be running the hen party for your best friend, or perhaps for your sister. They are notorious for being cheeky and risque, but really, you can throw whatever kind of bash you (and the bride) would like. Take a look below and find some inspiration that will enable you to throw a hen party to remember.

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Planning A Hen Party? Nail Your Theme With These Three Great Ideas 1

The classic hen party

As the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’! A stereotypical hen party might not be to everyone’s taste, but if the bride and the hens are up for a good laugh, it might be the best route to go down. Usually, the night will start out with some food, so book the bride’s favourite restaurant. Just remember that alcohol will probably be involved later in the evening, so don’t stock up too well just at the meal!

You may also choose to do some kind of evening-suitable activity, such as a cocktail class. Make sure whatever you choose, the activity is light-hearted and suitable for group participation. Then, you may decide to move on to a bar or a club for some drinks and dancing – or perhaps some entertainment of a different nature…! But one thing is for sure, you’re guaranteed to all have a laugh.

The stylish hen party

If risque entertainment and questionably shaped straws aren’t really your bride’s vibe, you might want to consider a slightly more classy affair. Getting married can be quite luxurious after all, so why should the hen party be any different? Just remember to tell your fellow hens in advance that it might be quite a pricey affair, so they have a chance to put money aside for it.

For a more classy kind of hen party, you could eat at a restaurant slightly fancier than the one you would normally pick, or go and see a West End show. Plus, there’ll be no going home by bus on this occasion – make use of a private chauffeur service instead to be the cherry on top of a blissful evening.

Planning A Hen Party? Nail Your Theme With These Three Great Ideas 2
monster truck driving, zip-lining or paintballing – anything that gets the heart racing, basically! Tailor the hen party to the bride as best you can and you are sure to have a successful day and night on your hands.

Planning A Hen Party? Nail Your Theme With These Three Great Ideas 3
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