Year: 2015

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My Weight Loss Story – How to Lose 2 Stone in 2 Months

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AA Skin Care Roll-On Deodorant Review

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intu Eldon Square’s 1st Retail Awards

There was giveaways and I managed to fortunately get my hands on a fabulous goodie bag which consisted of a fabulous tote with the slogan ‘Eat. Sleep. Shop. Repeat’, very appropriate.

A box of Thornton’s Chocolates – the Great British Pudding collection and saying as I’m on a big diet I passed on, but my mum enjoyed them. The Jam Rolly Poly was her favourite. A Mason Tumbler from Collectables, which is absolutely perfect for sitting in the sunshine writing this blog sipping cocktails out of it. However, the pièce de résistance was indeed the L’Occitane Travel Wash Bag Gift Set. It was like they knew. Inside was my all time favourite soap.

HELP! I Suck At Hair: Tips, Tricks &; Insider Secrets for the Hair-Challenged: Kindle Book Review

On with the book, it covers virtually everything and as a 3 style limit we love to give anything a go, with expert knowledge about both hair styles and hair maintenance we immediately built our trust in the book and were particularly intrigued in the ‘Up Do’ section.  With Proms and Ladies Day, alongside many Weddings planned for over the Summer we know how many of you ask us about which hairstyle will suit you best, for these formal occasions we love an up do and totally recommend giving the Baroque a try even though it’s slightly tricky