How well do you know your authors?

Today with technology everywhere, access to everything globally at the touch of our fingertips it’s becoming more important now than ever to remember the world’s greatest authors.

With Shakespeare always a firm favourite and a regular feature in quizzes the juxtaposition between this and modern literature such as the works of J.K. Rowling the way in which we enjoy the works of authors is forever changing.

Fuelled by box office smash hits and the drive to turn text into record breaking movies full of computer generated images and 3D filming to enhance the way we see the words on the page come to life there are no wonder books are now being put down in favour of these enthralling films.

However, it must be said there’s nothing quite like the allure of a brand new hardback, the stiffness of the pages as you turn them. The dark black printed ink that is perfectly formed and justified across the page. The smell of book paper is becoming more and more forgotten with the ease of picking up a tablet or Kindle and downloading a novel or book in seconds.

In times of change, we are, however, not forgetting those authors who have created the foundations of the English Language, the stories which we’ve passed on generations and invariably the teachings we have instilled in us in daily life.

If challenged there’s a betting you are able to quote at least three quotes from Shakespeare. There’s a bet you can name famous world that J.R.R. Tolkien brought to the world and even at a push we bet you know how many shades of Grey we are on about in the infamous E.L James trilogy?

What about seeing just how well you know literature? NCC Home Learning have created a short quiz to see who knows their authors and I recommend challenging yourself, how many do you know?

You can check the quiz out here?


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