Getting up in the morning can be pretty tough, right? Especially if you haven’t had the best night’s sleep. But getting your morning routine right can be the key to unlocking a great day. Even if you’ve not had enough sleep, a good morning routine should leave you feeling energised and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Wake up

This is probably the hardest part of any morning routine, actually waking up. The temptation to snooze your alarm is overwhelming, and turning over to go back to sleep is a very real risk. The best thing you can do is train your body to jump straight out of bed when your alarm sounds – no exceptions. Snoozing the alarm doesn’t buy you more energy, it just loses you valuable time.

Make your bed

First things first, make your bed. You’ll be far less likely to crawl back into it when you’ve gone to all the effort of making it look neat and tidy. Plus, studies show you actually sleep better when you get into a neat bed, rather than an unmade one.

Drink a glass of water

Dehydration can feel an awful lot like tiredness, and after eight hours in a cosy, warm cocoon, it’s not surprising that you’re dehydrated. When you wake up, drink a full glass of water almost immediately. It’ll help to kick start your metabolism, but it’ll make you feel a lot more alert too.

Wash your face

The buildup of grease and grime on your skin overnight doesn’t really bear thinking about. Washing your face when you get up, whether it’s in the shower or the sink, helps to wake your body up, but also gives your skincare regime a nice clean base. You can use a cleanser, or just plain water and a flannel, not too hot and not too cold, though, as this can make skin dry and lifeless.

Clean your teeth

Good oral hygiene is super important, but cleaning your teeth as part of your morning routine helps you to feel clean and awake and ready to take on the day. Brushing teeth before breakfast is actually better than after, as your tooth enamel is softer after eating, making teeth more prone to erosion and sensitivity. Using mouthwash after breakfast will help you to still feel clean before you properly start your day.

Do your skin care

Once your face is dry, it’s time to embark on your skincare. A suitable moisturiser is one of the most crucial parts of a morning routine, as well as a good hydrating skin care serum, an eye cream, and anything else you fancy. Once you’ve gone through all this, you’re ready to put on your makeup, if that’s something you enjoy doing.

Eat a good breakfast

It can be tempting to skip the first meal of the day, but a well-balanced breakfast can help to kickstart your metabolism, making it easier to lose weight. It’s also really important for giving you energy through the day, and to keep you from the temptations of junk snack food.

You’re now ready to tackle your day head-on, whether it’s work, childcare, or even a day of relaxation.

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