5 Idyllic Spots For The Perfect Spring Staycation

Us Brits love to go on holiday. Whenever we get time off work, or feel like we’re in need of a break, you can often find us online booking the next flight to somewhere a whole lot warmer - usually a Spanish Costa. It’s something we’ve done for decades and will no doubt carry on doing. But, it doesn’t have to be our only option when it comes to getting so much needed time out. Dear Old Blighty is a beautiful land, but we never seem to want to stay here! When you’re next in need of a little R&R, why not thinking of staying somewhere so much closer to home?

The Cotswolds

As far as beautiful parts of the country go, The Cotswolds really are a treat for the sense. Not only are many of the gorgeous towns and villages the image of a perfect English landscape, but they can often be cosy, lovely, and romantic too. Find yourself a beautiful boutique hotel in the Cotswolds, enjoy delicious food and relax in one of the most idyllic spots our country has to offer.


Whether you live up north or down south, Wales is an incredibly accessible location to enjoy the perfect staycation from. With its rolling hills, quaint little valleys and ideal shoreside locations, Wales has something for everyone. Pick a rural spot and stay serene for days on end, or head to the coast and enjoy classic British beaches, fish and chips, and donkey rides, with a little Welsh twist.


Close to The Cotswolds, but with its own outstanding architecture and landscapes, is the Oxfordshire countryside. Booking a staycation in Oxfordshire often gives you the best of both worlds - and it’s only an hour outside of London. You have the peaceful picture-perfect villages, and instant access to the cosmopolitan city of Oxford; allowing you to combine the old and the new, the modern and the traditional. You could even opt for a day or two in each environment and tick off all of your staycation requirements.


As children, many of us would have enjoyed a traditional British holiday. Although European, or international, sun can be the welcomed break we all know and love; nothing quite beats the nostalgia of the Great British Holiday. If you fancy taking a break here or there, you have to head to the south-west coast - Cornwall in particular. Feast on traditional Cornish pasties, paddle in the sea, and even treat yourself to a Michelin star meal if you fancy holidaying in style.


When we think about staying in the UK, our minds often wander to the coast or the countryside, like many of the other places mentioned here. But, we can sometimes do quite the opposite and head up north - crossing the border while we’re at it - and have the same experience, if not better. Scotland can offer you the best of everything, regardless of what it is you’re looking for. With sunny coasts, historic parks, beautiful countryside and bustling cities, all of your staycation needs are catered for.