Supercuts Newcastle: #SquadGoals & Serious Hair Envy

On Thursday night I attended Supercuts' exclusive blogger event held at their store in the intu Eldon Square Shopping Mall, Newcastle.

The invite-only event began with a friendly welcome from the gorgeous ladies and of course, Matthew as we arrived. With glasses of prosecco and nibbles aplenty, myself and the fabulous Katie Meehan, Only Shelley and Hello Freckles' Tasha chatted for a little while before we were talked through the #squadgoals event which Supercuts has teamed up with TIGI (yes the brand who produce the gorgeous Bed Head collection) to find the new face of the squad for Supercuts.

With an amazing prize up for grabs including a trip to the capital, a full makeover, overnight stay, photoshoot and more there's no reason you can't show off your #squadgoals on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - just make sure you tag @SupercutsUK too!

Back to our amazing pamper evening, the four of us were taken to our own station and as we sat down one of the gorgeous hairdressers came to talk us through creating an amazing style for the evening. Laura, who had just been for an interview for a very prestigious title within the company (good luck we hope you get it!) made a beeline for my long golden locks. She asked me how I'd like my hair. My response. Just do what you want, you know best. Well, that was it, Laura was in her element and decided to go for an updo.

First, she curled my hair, before creating a bouffant at the front and pinning a gorgeous intricate what I can only describe as Mohican down the middle. I mean, it probably has some lovely feminine name if you're in the trade so if you know, drop a comment below to let me know what the real name is. I mean when Laura had finished doing my hair it looked amazing. Dressed in a white shirt and white jeans I had joked about not being ready for a wedding as this was ultimate Wedding hair.

It was amazing that no hair extensions were used in creating this style that created serious volume.

As Katie was getting her eyebrows threaded by Jag, Supercut's in-house beauty therapist Shelly had her short hair lightly curled and then a french plait was teased into it (see I know the name of that one!). Tasha, to my left, was getting her hair backcombed to an inch of its life and then some plaited style cornrows began to appear down the side. This urban, grunge look was absolutely amazing and she really suited it. 

As my hair got higher and the laughs got louder not only did Katie, Shelley, Tasha and I feel like we were getting the #squadgoals treatment, but we also felt like the fantastic staff had joined our squad too with the warm and enjoyable atmosphere that they had created.

With competitive prices and a 20% student discount, I would highly recommend a trip to Supercuts, Newcastle (their hair skills are amazing) and the chat is sitcom-worthy!

After we had had our hair done, Shelly was next up followed by Tasha then I to get our nails done by Jag. Who uses OPI and is a total perfectionist! So my nails were looking amazing. I chose a light dusky pink colour (which is one of this season's hottest colours as set out by Pantone).

Whilst nail prep was going on Katie was having her 40's wave style hair look created, with curls a plenty this sophisticated look totally suited her.

Pampering finished and now it was time to shoot for our #squadgoals campaign. Armed with TIGI's Bed Head products we posed and laughed and shouted #squadgoals at the top of our voice much to passer-bys amusement.

Credit: Katie Meehan

Credit: Katie Meehan

A great night was had by all. Kirsty and her team were totally amazing. I know you'll agree that the four different looks they had created on us were absolutely stunning and with your support, we could be the next squad of Supercuts so get liking our #squadgoals selfie on Instagram now!

Credit: Katie Meehan

Credit: Katie Meehan

As we exchanged hugs and business cards and bided our see you laters (we will be back, I mean why wouldn't we the girls and Matthew are amazing at what they do and their banter is top draw!) we were handed a fantastic jam-packed goodie bag filled to the brim with Bed Head products with the new volume range in. Amazing.

You can find Supercuts here and if you're looking for an amazing beauty bar Jag comes highly recommended too, you can find her details here