Kick the Habit and Enjoy Having Healthy Skin

There are many reasons people should not smoke cigarettes. For example, they contain harmful chemicals and they cause cancer that could eventually lead to death. However, you may not realise that those cigarettes you have can take a toll on your appearance, too.

The number of people who smoke cigarettes has continued to drop in the UK. Even teenagers who once thought smoking was the neat thing to do are now seeing it as something that it is not fun or cool at all. It is harder for people living in the UK to smoke while they are out because some stricter laws have been put in place to protect those who do not smoke. Many places are considered off-limits when it comes to smoking, including dozens of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Some new studies show that family members and friends feel more motivated to quit smoking if they know someone else they care about is focusing on quitting. Even though there are fewer people buying and using cigarettes, there are still millions of people living in the UK who cannot seem to kick the habit permanently. In fact, more than 155,000 people living in the UK will die within the span of one year due to the use of tobacco products.

If you are a smoker, you might want to quit badly, but still, have the urge to grab the cigarette and inhale. However, knowing how much damage it can cause to your appearance could make you think twice about buying another pack ever again. Cigarettes can contribute to premature aging of the skin, which means you could start to develop wrinkles a lot faster than your non-smoking friends. You could end up looking a lot older as a result of smoking regularly.

There are so many toxic chemicals in cigarettes that it is only natural for those chemicals to take a toll on different parts of the body, both inside and outside. Your lungs become black, your skin starts ageing faster and your teeth may even become yellow or brownish. Recent advances in science have proven that assorted chemicals in cigarettes negatively impact a person’s appearance by destroying the skin’s elastin and making the face look excessively dry and dehydrated.

There are other risks associated with cigarettes that can impact your appearance in a negative way, too. For example, women and men who are smokers are more likely to experience hair loss than those who are not smokers. It can cause different skin conditions to get even worse for those who are already suffering from other serious health problems, including lupus.

It is quite obvious to see that if you want to have a more youthful appearance, it is a great time to put the cigarettes down and never look back. Some would say they could get cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance, but there are actually surgeons who do not like to perform procedures on people who smoke because there is a much higher risk of complications occurring. For example, a smoker who undergoes a cosmetic procedure may notice their scars are not healing or they are starting to get infected. It is simply too risky and dangerous.

If you would like to look your best, quitting now is the best option. You may assume the damage is already done, but it is definitely possible to reverse some of the damage if you are willing to stop smoking right away. Over a period of time, you may begin to notice your skin starts looking healthier and fresh instead of dry. Take care of your appearance andyour health by removing cigarettes from your life for good.

There are also many people who are starting to switch to e cigarettes because they are now the most popular quitting tool in the UK, they work because you can change the amount of nicotine you take in from the e-liquid, then once you feel satisfied you can start to lower it, this technique has proven to be effective. 

Contributed article by Andy Cooper at Simply E-Liquid.