Things I'll Never Take a Vacation Without!

I’m a girl of simple tastes; basically, I like to go traveling and explore the world. But, I have certain things that I will always bring with me. They are very simple yet important things you need to make sure you bring with you. And that's why I always make sure I take them with me when I travel. You need to take note of these things, as well as coming up with your own ideas for things you absolutely have to take with you!






What girl could possibly go on vacation and not take makeup with her?! Well, I have a special makeup bag that I use just for traveling. It contains everything I could possibly need to glam up when I’m abroad. There are plenty of handbag essentials you might want to take with you. But I would always advise you take some makeup. You may not find what you want out there, and, if you do, it could be expensive.





A Visa



Some places you visit in the world will require you to have a visa, or fill out a visa waiver form. If you want to find out ESTA waiver information you’ll need to take a look here. Getting this process sorted out is crucial because it can be the difference between you being permitted or denied entry to a country! I strongly recommend getting your visa situation sorted out before you do anything else.



An Extra Bag



I would recommend that when you go abroad, you take an extra bag with you. I always try to take a small case, so I limit myself to just ‘carry on’ luggage. But I will often take a large rucksack too, as empty as possible. That way I can fill it with purchases and gifts for the return journey! An extra bag allows me to bring more home without having to pay extra for luggage allowance.



Sea Bands



The worst thing in the world is getting motion sickness because it really makes traveling unpleasant. Well, take it from someone who suffers from it; there is a remedy! Sea Bands are one of the most wonderful inventions in the world. They are small, discreet wristband that press's on pressure points and prevent motion sickness. Trust me, they work!



My Kindle



My Kindle is one of my most important possessions, and it’s been a mainstay of my holiday packing. I love to read, and the Kindle allows me to do this without having to take five or six different books with me. I can just make sure I have everything I want to read downloaded onto the device before I go. It certainly makes poolside and beach visits all the more complete.





These are just some of the things I always make sure I take with me when I go abroad. I consider them to be essentials for any trip, and would always pack them first. You probably have your own rituals when you go traveling, and you need to stick with them.