For Goodness Shakes....I'm COCONUT Obsessed

Although I posted about my Nutella obsession the other day, ate and drank too much at the Malmaison launch night and have been super naughty the last few days with wine and chocolate my heart is with fitness and nutrition and I’m beginning a 28 day programme in association with Aaron Paul Fitness this week. Fitness Camps three times a week at 6.30am. Pray for me. 

Or don’t pray for me because I’ve a new found friend. For Goodness Shakes, you know the creators of those amazing protein filled milkshakes? The chocolate one is my favourite! Well now they’ve just launched a line of Coconut Water Protein Shakes.

COCO BLOODY NUT. From hating Bountys and wincing at the thought of desiccated coconut it appears that in actual fact I am a fan. Coconut toothpaste, oil pulling and now Coconut Water.

I was apprehensive to try these but had seen extremely great write ups about coconut water and it’s benefits and with the added bonus of protein who could complain. Like I said apprehensive, why? Well the last time I drank coconut water I was lying in bed in Las Vegas looking our of my hotel room at Planet Hollywood over the Bellagio Fountains severely hungover. I took one sip and spat it straight back out.

Anyways, parched from a gym work out I grabbed a bottle of the Tropical flavoured Protein Water and took a big refreshing gulp. It was delicious, as I drank the rest I began to feel revitalised and rejuvenated. I was able to concentrate on a lot more that was going on and dare I say it, I was feeling like I could take the gym round two. Steady on!

The water contains 10g protein per bottle and is only 52 calories. There’s 1.4g of natural sugar (no added) and 2.1g of carbs for those label buffs like me amongst us.

A couple of days later I headed to the fridge to the Mango & Orange flavour, again it tasted like fruit squash, it was delicious but I preferred the Tropical flavour to this one.

Already a fan of For Goodness Shakes my love for them has grown. I absolutely love their protein water and it doesn’t feel as naughty as a milkshake so I’ll definitely be reaching for their water again.