Oil Pulling with Ohshun White. Why you REALLY should try it!

You probably have read previously my review of Minty Coco, an oil pulling treatment with a mint flavour. Now I’m giving Oshun White a swirl (see what I did there?).

I’m an avid oil puller and not only does it always make my teeth feel super clean but it really improves my oral health altogether. I also love how it lifts plaque and helps with teeth whitening. If you’ve read my previous post you’ll have seen he difference after just one shot. Although admittedly this has a lot to do with the toothpaste I use too. It’s a brand called Reviive and you can buy it here. I now could never go back to supermarket bought rubbish!

Back to oil pulling. I used to hate the thought of coconut, literally anything that smelt of coconut would have me retching. Until I became this free range hippy, at one with the world and only wanting to put natural products (except wine, but that’s grapes, please don’t say otherwise) into and on my body.  In a changing society where cheap and chemical laden products are becoming less acceptable due to health implications we are now looking back to our ancestors and finding ways to eat healthier, live longer and even include traditional and archaic beauty regimes such as Oil Pulling into our daily lives.

Ohshun White offer 4 fantastic flavours, spearmint, peppermint, crushed lime (which I thought might taste like toilet cleaner!) and the option I went for, wild cherry. I was looking forward to a fruity burst and have already tried a mint coconut oil and it wasn’t my most favourite. Arriving in a 14 day programme box which fit straight through the mail box, I opened it noticing how sophisticated the packaging was and how absolutely beautifully it was presented. You can truly see why they’re based in Knightsbridge!

I also opted for the Copper Tongue Cleaner. WAIT A SECOND. Before you think that I’m definitely 100% insane hear me out. This torture device is actually a total life saver, once you get over it making you gag. It simply does as the name suggests. If you scrape your tongue before you oil pull to remove any bacteria and general yuk off your tongue, a place where a very small percentage brush you’ll have additional extra added clean mouth.

I have a morning ritual, gym, bath, oil pull. I often find that oil pulling in the bath is the best time for me and I always throw a sachet in while I’m running the bath just to heat it up to ensure it is already warm to swirl around my mouth.  The first time I used Ohshun White I couldn’t believe how good it tasted, it was just like eating sweets! Apart from this was good for you. I carried on swishing it around my mouth for 15 minutes and then brushed my teeth straight after. I noticed that this oil has been by far the best oil I’ve ever used for pulling and the results are amazing.

I am a lot more conscious of trying to attain my teeth to sparkly white and this is the difference I’ve seen after 14 days using Ohshun White. Pretty Impressive ey?

Until you’ve tried oil pulling it really is difficult to describe the texture of the oil, however it comes highly recommended, why? Simply because not only does it lift plaque, clean in places your toothbrush can’t reach, it also helps flush out toxins and helps promote healthy gums. It really is pretty much a miracle. I totally recommend you try oil pulling at least once as after the first time you feel how clean your teeth feel you’ll be hooked.

I used Ohshun White followed by 5 minutes of electric toothbrushing with Reviive and Restoriix daily to achieve a pearly looking smile.

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