We talk Leaping Bunny Awards & how to get published on The Huffington Post

I’ve got some amazing news to share with you and a total win for Elle Blonde! Are you ready to hear it?

Okay, so we’re published on The Huffington Post!!!! How exciting. If you don’t know what The Huffington Post is, where have you been hiding? It’s only one of the largest news websites in the history of the internet!!!

I’ve had quite a few of my fellow bloggers asking how on earth did you get published and I’m going to share that with you now. 

  1. Firstly think about what people like to read, I picked a topic which is extremely prevalent at the moment. After seeing images of animal testing from one of my favourite make up brands on Facebook the other week I realised how much media it had attracted and how there was a massive divide between those who felt passionately about animal testing and those who didn’t acknowledge the image.  I also had noticed a massive increase in companies showing their commitment to Cruelty Free testing and the Leaping Bunny Award seemed to be hopping beside me every time I went anywhere. 
  2. Sit down and write compelling, exciting and creative content. Nobody wants to hear a monologue of your day. Make it exciting. Add personality and humour. Keep the content consist and straight to the point and make sure it flows succinctly. I knew that I had one shot to get published so I ensured that I planned my post, wrote it well and then checked it over and over for spelling and grammar. I then got a third party to check over it and give me some constructive criticism.
  3. I wrote a cover letter to Arianna saying I had written a post and that I hope it found her well. Whilst I know she would be inundated with suggestions this was a well mediated subject. This was sent to arianna@huffingtonpost.com I also attached a word document to the email containing the post and pasted the post into he email body. This way if she likes the content she can forward it to her editors with ease. Make it simple to read, and view. I didn’t add any imagery here it was just raw text. Think of how many proposals she gets daily?!
  4. Be patient. Fortunately for me Arianna replied within less than 24 hours however I’ve read that sometimes if your post is successful it can take up to 2 weeks to receive a response. If you don’t hear back instead of emailing asking why you’ve not been published ask for feedback in improving and redrafting your article.
  5. if you’ve been accepted congratulations firstly! Well done, what an achievement. Now you’ll receive an email from one of the editors who will provide you with a login. This means that you can publish items whenever you wish now. Just remember though if you’re writing for The Huffington Post you want to write great content that has the potential to go viral and not just churn out any old garbage just to say you’re on The Huff Post.

If you follow these steps and create some amazing content the world is your oyster. I personally had a goal of being published on The Huffington Post in 2016 as I knew that it would give my blog further credibility. The more credible sources that you are published on you can place on your blog for prospective clients to see. 

It’s not all about that credibility though, it’s an achievement in itself to be recognised by one of the powerhouses of the internet for news stories and more to have work on their site. The audience The Huffington Post attracts is over millions from all walks of life, different demographics and ages, even my Granda reads The Huffington Post, but admittedly he is pretty internet savvy! 

I hope that you’ve found my guide to getting published on The Huffington Post useful, if you have and you’re looking to accelerate your blog further why not sign up for our emails.