Vallum Farm: A Festive Friday Victory Dinner

A few weeks ago I was invited to the tasting menu sample of Vallum’s Festive Friday’s Christmas Menu and it was absolute heaven. I strongly suggest you read that post here before you go any further.

As I had been away for my birthday last week my Mum and I had decided to book a 7pm table and head up the windy roads for a delicious meal. Joking about hoping there being Christmas crackers on our table we hopped into the car on a dreary, wet, windy and extremely foggy evening and headed up to the outskirts of Newcastle to Vallum Farm.


Arriving we were once again greeted by Nick who showed us to our seats in the restaurant where other diners were enjoying their Festive Fridays too. We immediately ordered a drink, I, a Blackberry Bramble and my Mum, a traditional snowball. It was really beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.


As we perused the menu discussing each starter in detail from our previous visit Mum and I both decided upon the celeriac soup as the shot we previously sampled was delicious. Vallum believes in a from farm to fork mantra and their vegetables are all grown and handpicked from their sustainably sourced garden. They are particularly proud of their abundance of kale and perfect carrots.

Alongside our starter of celeriac soup, we had both decided we were going to fully enjoy the Christmas dinner; turkey, ham, kale, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, stuffing and pigs in blankets were on the menu for this Festive Friday.

Minutes after ordering our food, our drinks arrived and I must admit their snowball is the best snowball I’ve ever tasted. I highly recommend one to put you in the festive spirit. Listening to Christmas classics in the background setting the atmosphere and watching the twinkling lights around the glass windows of the upstairs restaurant we were feeling extremely merry and bright so we decided to pull our crackers, yes, there were Christmas crackers, just like we had hoped.


Now I don’t know about you but it’s not Christmas until you get a fortune teller fish right?

Oh and a rubbish cracker joke… here it goes. 
Who delivered Christmas presents to sharks? Santa Jaws.

Laughing at the awful cracker jokes, placing our paper crowns upon our head our starter arrived. I was super excited for a full bowl of this soup and it really didn’t disappoint. Thick and creamy and packed full of flavour the soup was even better than I had remembered. Served with a side of bread and a wedge of butter it required no seasoning and I seriously didn’t want it to end - I’m a huge soup fan!

Having finished our starters the lovely staff cleared our table and within about five to ten minutes our main courses were served. Vallum, you certainly don’t disappoint, with a plate full of meat and veg we both set to work. With the moist juicy turkey and melt in the mouth ham, we knew we had made the right choice with the dinner. The kale, just as flavoursome as I remembered. The carrots, just as mmmmmm worthy as they were the other week. The parsnips, well they’re my favourite root vegetable and the rest of the trimmings they were a solid ten out of ten.


Thoroughly enjoying our dinners, we were extremely full, however, we weren’t admitting defeat and we both finished our plates. The restaurant had filled up substantially by this point and the private party in the Chef’s room was in full swing, the atmosphere was really relaxing and it was clear that everybody was enjoying themselves, including the staff who are so polite and all seem to be happy in their work which makes Vallum even more enjoyable.


Festive Friday’s are running for the next three Fridays in December from 6-9pm so make sure you book yourself a table and see what we’re raving about! 

Back to the food, though, we were that full from our celeriac soup and Christmas dinner that we couldn’t manage a pudding, we totally felt that it would be sheer gluttony to have a pudding so we left our third course this time, that’s not to say pudding won’t be on the agenda next time…

I really feel like we've found a new favourite place to really enjoy great quality food in an amazing setting. 

Merry Christmas to Vicky & Peter and the whole team at Vallum we hope you eventually get a well deserved few days off over the festive period!