Why blogging isn't a competition! The Rant Collection

For as long as I can remember, since the day I opened my first business, a bricks and mortar store I knew that business has run through my veins. 

I'm the first person to stop and help somebody if I can. I like to share all of my years of business knowledge, the information I've picked up from my university degree and from my extensive life experience. I like to add value and above all I like to try and help people avoid mistakes I've made.

This is where this stops being about me and becomes all about the blogging community.

Over the last few weeks and months there's been swipes, digs and awful comments made not just about me but about other people within the blogging community. Why? Why do these grown women feel the need to try and break each other down? Is it insecurity? Is it fear of not being the 'top dog'? Is it because their parents didn't bring them up with the most important trait of all? A kind heart.

Women should build each other up instead of tearing each other down. Fact. 

I'm the biggest believer in this and in the fierce and unnecessarily catty world of blogging the competition and the bullying needs to stop.

There's no such thing as competition. Yes, you may be pitching for the same opportunity now and again or running for the same award but does it warrant trying to destroy people as humans, belittle them? Does it make it alright to hurt people with your cruel words?

I can go to an event, the same one as Deb from My Boys Club, the same one as Pixie from Fashion Voyeur, the same one as Mandy Charlton from her self-titled blog, the same one as June from Travel Jems and you know what? We can all get along, we can all laugh and joke and enjoy the bounty of delicious food served, but you know what? We weren't and have never been in competition, we all write for different age groups, different demographics and above all we write with a different viewpoint. So seriously check out how different our Vallum posts are to see what I mean.

Have you ever stopped and thought, the stronger we make the blogging industry and community by all building each other up the more opportunities we'll have as an industry whole, the more we will all grow as people and in terms of careers and finances. Surely that's the best outcome for everybody? 

Just because somebody is successful in something it doesn't mean you're not going to be successful in others. Take Natalie from Oh My Glow for example, her product is being stocked in Boots stores all over the country, she's worked relentlessly to create her brand. I felt myself cheering her on as I read her latest email minutes ago but I know somewhere there's going to be somebody sitting there reading the same thing, bubbling away with anger, hate and jealousy because she's winning, when in reality they could be winning too with something else.

It makes me so sad to see these people who often have never even met one another tearing each other down because of hearsay or because they become so opinionated about their content or successes that this turns into an unhealthy obsession of hatred.

Wouldn't it be nice if everybody could just clap for each other when they're winning because when it's your time to win guess what? Your round of applause will be even louder...