T'was the month before Christmas @ The Homesense Party, Birmingham

T’was the month before Christmas when all through the house,
Not a decoration was hanging, not even an ounce.
Their festive decor wasn’t hung anywhere,
A letter to St Nicholas, please beware.

The children all begged for the house to be red,
While their parents looked online and quickly said.
To Homesense we go, for decorations and gift wrap
Before the store shuts went Mother and Pap.

Arriving at the store, this reindeer looked fatter,
The kids will just love him, it doesn’t even matter.
Into the basket it went in like a flash
Supermarket sweep they were in and out with a dash.


Homesense, is the best place, don’t you know
For affordable decorations, Christmas here we go.
Searching the aisles what should appear,
A cocktail shaker, a welcome change from a beer.

For the Christmas day tableware they need their fixing
A candelabra, a bauble, anything, they like mixing.
From tall silver trees perfect for the hall, 
Homesense has something, for one and for all.

After the holidays are over the kids will start to cry,
When the decorations are packed up, packed somewhere dry.
They returned home with a festive bounty or two,
This home were ready for Christmas now, are you?

Mother in the kitchen, Pap on the roof,
Decorating the home, the kids hidden from the truth.
They thought that St Nick wrapped tinsel around
And around, from the heights of the ceiling down to the ground.

From the top of the home right to the foot
The house was all ready, now for the man in the suit
The cocktail glasses were hung on the rack,
They love a drink, shake it red, green or black.

Mamma and Pap clinked cheers, they were getting merry,
Homesense sorted the decor out, the icing on the cherry.
The home was all cosy, presents ready to go.
One thing could complete it, let’s shout for the snow.

The wind whistled and blew, shaking the door wreath,
Stood proud at the front door, a Santa statue, the new chief.
They smiled and joked as they sat watching the telly
The Homesense advert made Pap laugh, it shook his belly.

Heading up to bed Mother and Pap each took them self,
For in the morning the kids would discover the elf on the shelf.
While the Christmas magic had only just begun,
For a month it would last, they’d have lots of fun.

Homesense had them all covered, now let’s all spread the word,
Their decorations are the best, in all of the land, so we heard.
A massive round of applause for the buyers, they’re serious pros,
A big Christmas bonus for them I propose?

Fast forward a month, to the Christmas Eve Bustle
To the big man in red preparing for his annual hustle,
Leaving footprints on the roof, a roof covered in icy white
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night”

Massive thank you to The Lost & Found in Birmingham for hosting the Homesense Christmas Party last night