Hadrian's Tipi: VIP Press Launch Evening, Newcastle

An unexpected and impromptu invitation for an evening out gave me a great excuse to use some of the tips from the fantastic ELLEfluence event organised with Urban Decay last week in Debenhams Newcastle; to turn my day makeup into a sensational evening look. So with a quick turnaround, I headed out the door.

Not a big public transport traveller my first challenge was to decide which side of the metro I needed to be on to get from Monkseaton to Central station. Never mind travelling via Wallsend I was out for an evening to Hadrian's Tipi the 8 week Christmas pop-up bar located at the front of Newcastle's central station. Opening officially on Thursday 10 November I was lucky enough to be treated to a sneak preview on Wednesday evening. 

On arrival, I was suitably impressed with the canvas skills of Nigel Holliday (aptly named) the man behind the seasonal idea as he has evidently erected tent structures previously!  I'm told last year in York there was something similar. So what's on offer inside this fairy light-bedecked tent on a grand marquee scale?

If you are looking to get that Christmas spirit without sitting through Home Alone or Elf then you have come to the right place. It feels like you've been transported to a European Christmas Market full of festive cheer, great food, beer, mulled wine and cider. The bar is well stocked with the Wylam beers having been renamed in homage to the great Roman Empire and the menu offers an array of continental style snacks, my favourite being the Bratwurst.

In true Teepee style, the tent is furnished in a rustic style, with wicker seating and animal fur throws. If you are lucky enough to grab a seat around the fire this is a real treat but be warned you will walk away smelling like bonfire night.

A great place to gather Hadrian's Tipi is open practically all hours for the next eight weeks so come in and grab a bit of Roman Holiday warmth.

All Hail! Nigel Holliday what a fabulous job you have done bringing a festive and cosmopolitan vibe to the city centre. May the spirit of Christmas live on and they talk about it long after Hadrian's Tipi has gone to make sure this becomes an annual event.