When you think of taking a beach break, the chances are you think of Spain, the South of France, and California – aka The Golden Coast. The place that you most probably don’t think of is Mexico. However, if you’re in need of a beach break to somewhere a little different, Mexico could just be the perfect place.

Of course, Mexico is more than its beach resorts. It’s home to areas of luscious jungles, volcanoes, and some incredibly diverse towns and cities. The food is out of this world, the people are friendly and oh so welcoming, and the culture is like nothing you will see anywhere else in the world. However, one of the best parts of this fine country is definitely its beaches.

If you love the idea of a beach break in Mexico, here are some tips for planning the most amazing trip.

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One of the downsides to planning a beach break to Mexico is that there’s too much choice. Okay, so this isn’t really a downside – the more choice, the better. However, it makes it even more important to research the different locations, to ensure that you select the most suitable one. What you need to ask yourself is what type of beach break do you want to have?

Does the idea of a relaxing beach break appeal to you? If so, Tulum could be the ideal place to visit. Think on-the-beach yoga, snorkeling and ancient ruins to visit and explore.

Do you fancy a break that includes lots of watersports? If the answer is yes, Akumal just might be perfect for you. Here you can snorkel and dive around the coral reef, and can also choose to take part in an array of other watersports.

Or, are you after a beach break that not only has beaches and beach bars but also some incredible nightlife? If so, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta could be the ideal place to head to.

What about a break that encompasses beaches, bars, and ancient Mayan ruins? If this sounds like the perfect getaway, then a trip to Playa Del Carmen could be ideal. You can find out more about Playa Del Carmen here, and everything that it has to offer.

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Once you’ve chosen which of Mexico’s many beach resorts you would like to visit, take the time to think about your accommodation. Where you choose to stay will depend on your personal preference, and also, your budget. Mexico has some incredible accommodation on offer, ranging from budget-friendly hostels to luxury villas. Hotels can be a great option as they tend to be located right by the beach or in the middle of the town. However, if you don’t want to have to eat out every night, hiring a self-catered villa could be your best bet. Or, if that’s too pricey, opt to stay in an all-inclusive hotel.

As part of your preparation for your trip, take the time to research the other activities that are on offer in the place where you are staying. Mexico is a wonderfully cultural place and is home to all manner of interesting sights and attractions. From museums and art galleries to volcanoes and ruins, there’s plenty to see and do throughout the country. So it’s worth researching what is on offer in the area that you plan on staying in, other than the beach.

For a beach break, Mexico is the perfect place. It’s sunny all year around, the beaches are beautiful, and the sea is wonderfully warm. What more could any traveler want?

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