You know that princesses and unicorns are up there with our favourites so when The Sparkle Spy’s latest guest post landed in our inbox we couldn’t help but get super excited. It’ gave us serious Disney envy and had us pining for some Disney action. We hope you love this guest post as much as we have enjoyed reading it!

Audrey Hepburn was clearly not referring to a 34 degree heatwave when she came up with that one but as usual she definitely has a point. This summer I slipped a sneaky second (or was it third) holiday and finally made it to Paris after over a decade of trying! So come along with me as I reminisce about my first solo stint abroad.

So I’ve travelled alone a lot since I was around 16 so it’s something I’m fairly comfortable with however being on holiday alone was new and something I felt really nervous about. I loved it. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was more expensive than travelling as a pair I’d love to do it more. I loved the freedom of being able to please myself and not worry about another person. I arrived at CDG airport and managed to find my way to Paris City Centre pretty easily and I had seen so many landmarks before I had even got off the bus! I was in my element. I picked a hotel near the Eiffel Tower to make sure I was nice and central and they let me drop my suitcase off early and I went wandering.

Within 5 minutes I was staring up at this. Something I had kind of ruled out ever being this close to. Sadly I had missed out on pre-booking tickets so didn’t get to go up but I was happy enough on the ground as I do get shocking vertigo. First on my hit list was Champs-Elysees and Sephora. I am an absolute Sephora addict but sadly the European Sephora’s are way more pricey than their US counterparts . . . not that that stopped me.

I spent a couple of days trawling around Paris sight-seeing the must-see sights including The Louvre, Notre Dame and Arc De Triomphe to name but a few. I also managed my fair share of shopping thanks to multiple Sephoras, Forever 21 and an amazing shop near the Bastille which was essentially my idea of heaven which I’ve entirely forgotten the name of. Eating, though stubbornly avoiding slugs, snails and frogs tails (and legs), and generally pleasing myself before finally heading to the reason for the trip Disney!

This was my first Disneyland Paris trip but having done Florida twice I was really excited to see how this European version held up. As I walked up I felt that same old Disney buzz, honestly it was a little marred when I remembered Universal was still thousands of miles away but I managed to get it back as I hit the shops in The Village (more on my shopping problem can be found here).

On our first day we took full advantage of the ‘Extra Magic Hours’ offered to Disney hotel guests and got ourselves to the park promptly for 8am. We managed to get on all the open rides we wanted to during this surprisingly quiet morning (we were there for the August Bank Holiday weekend). I am not a massive ride fan but that never diminishes Disney for me it’s more than rides and shops and characters it’s the magic of feeling utterly care free again. I love it. We spent the morning of the park but retreated from the heat back to the hotel for an hour or so before returning for the nightly firework show which topped Florida’s version for me.

Sunday was the best of the holiday for me. We checked out of our hotel bright and early, checked our luggage and after a quick round of rides at The Studios it was time for me to break off from my friends to join another friend for the Inventions Wonderland Brunch. Now I’ve never done the character thing, it has never interested me but I adore Alice in Wonderland and with this Brunch being a one off and the one weekend I was in Disney I decided the Disney Gods had spoken and I had to. It was one of the best things I have ever done. Yes it was expensive but if meeting characters is your thing why not do it with unlimited food, air con and a glass of champagne? The character interaction was incredible and we got some exclusive never seen in the Parks characters to add to the excitement. The cast members who guided the characters around were absolutely superb and it was just such a highlight to my weekend. If you’re going and there’s a theme that you fancy take the plunge and go for it! Sadly after brunch it was time to head home but after such a fantastic weekend I couldn’t really complain. Thanks for having me Paris and I hope to come back and see more someday!

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