Travelling Sure Has Changed Over The Years!

Once upon a time seeing someone getting stopped at airport security was as rare as witnessing a shooting star. Now, it’s a common occurrence, and most people approach it with a dismissive sigh and shrug. But it is interesting to think about how travel has changed in recent years. It’s certainly nothing like how it used to be.

Careful What You Carry

You need to think carefully about what you have in your carry-ons when travelling abroad on a plane. If you don’t, you might find items are confiscated and lost. For instance, if you are a business man it makes sense to take a razor in your carry-on for an overnight flight. However, an item like this definitely won’t get through security now despite it being common in the past.

New Tech

Remember when planes just had one screen for all the passengers. Nope me neither but I can’t deny I wasn’t impressed by the recent advert I saw for United Emirates Airlines. The tech they were showcasing was incredibly impressive. It encouraged me to book a flight with their airline sooner rather than later. Of course, tech has taken over the entire travel industry now from bookings to security.  

Tightened Borders

After 9/11, America worked hard to tighten security and screen anyone entering the country. Now, it looks like Europe will follow suit after a wave of terror attacks hit their shores. In the infographic below, you can see the plans for a new digital visa system. It is hoped this will give Europe more control on who is entering different countries.

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