What Christmas means to me & present haul

Let's face it waking up on Christmas Day is so exciting even at the age of 25, so while my 7 year old cousin was unwrapping an iPad Air I was unwrapping a bounty of gorgeous, branded designer goods. What a lucky girl eh?

They say that it's about the people around the tree and not what's under it and as cliche as that sounds I think that's sometimes forgotten. By 11 o’clock Facebook and Instagram are always rife with photos of the masses under the tree, I like to call them bragbook and bragstagram respectively. Yes I'm guilty of it too but over the last two years I feel that Christmas has changed for me.

Don't get me wrong I'm not being a Scrooge but I feel that it's so hyped up and as we get older it's a who's who of who spent what and who's family has more prestige than the other. My family have a very traditional Christmas and I wouldn't change it, admittedly we all go a bit wild. Again I wouldn't change it but what's changed over the last few years is my appreciation. Appreciation for what I've been fortunate to receive, even if I do mock some of my more bizarre presents such as corn on the cob plates from my Mum (I eat corn once in a blue moon!) or the mattress topper from my grandma and Granda - you know you're getting old when people buy you household items even though you still live at home. Hinting much?

My appreciation has grown more than the value of what's been spent and more the value that you will get from it. 

Take these beauties for example - my mum and I spent a few days out Christmas shopping around the country and I spotted these in the outlet in Cheshire oaks, they didn't have them in my size and I was disappointed as my mum was desperate to buy me a new mulberry handbag knowing how much use and love I get from each purchase and nothing jumped out and grabbed my attention and buying for the sake of buying, that's not me. I need to LOVE it!

Fast forward a few weeks and we were on our last minute hunt to York - of course another stop at the mulberry outlet this time I bee lined for the shoe section and they were there and in my size! I didn't even need to look at the handbags because these calf hair print heels were there and because I was in love with them my mum instantly purchased them and sent them off to Santa!

Thrilled with them and thrilled I was thrilled it was at that moment that it confirmed to me that it's not what the item is that you unwrap on Christmas Day at all it's the joy of you opening it that it brings to other people.

Our Christmases are always fabulous and my grandma should be placed at the top of the tree as she's the biggest star of them all for hosting it, our family spend hours choosing gifts that will bring joy and value to our lives and as we all age a full 365 days each Christmas we appreciate everything just that little bit more.

Hope you've had the most magical Christmas like we have and I wish you the best New Year and start to 2016 imaginable.